Cold processed hair oil

Cold processed hair oil

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Deeply replenishing yet incredibly lightweight, the Cold Processed Hair Oil from Act+Acre ensures your strands are perfectly protected and hydrated. Dull, dry and brittle hair is soon to be a thing of the past...

Created to tame and nourish your tresses, this science-backed formula gives your hair the helping hand it needs to regulate moisture levels. Hydrated hair means healthy hair... and with just a few drops of this replenishing formula, you’ll be on your way to exactly that. A much-needed dose of fatty acids replenishes lipids within your strands, in turn creating a protective shield that fends off damage (no split ends here, thank you!). Used on wet or dry hair, this argan and meadowfoam seed oil blend hydrates and locks in moisture for hair that you can’t resist giving a satisfying swish. Not content with playing it safe, Act+Acre have enriched this multi-tasking marvel with plant-based squalene to offer superior heat protection against UV and heat styling.

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